Have you seen the hot style TV series called “the 12 two-hour periods in Chang’an“? The 127 second shot at the beginning shows the prosperity of Chang’an。 The director has said that he also wanted to show people‘s daily life, work, entertainment and social contacts from the imperial city to the market in 12 two-hour periods。 He hoped to let the audience see the life of ancient people reflected in today’s world。 So how do Tianjin people spend our 12 two-hour periods?


  As the saying goes, “Work when the sun rises, rest when the sun sets。”


  Last time we learned about the daily lives of Tianjin people。


  This time let‘s have a look at Tianjin’s nights。


  Time passes, but the lights of the city are never off from dusk to dawn。


  The nights of Tianjin are fantastic。 Millions of diverse people go out in the evening to soak up the vicissitudes of life and the prosperity of the city。



  Nights in Tianjin start with kebabs and casseroles。 The sky is not dark yet。 People gather in the city‘s major night markets to eat snacks, drink beer, have kebabs, and chat。 The city is revving up and starting to bustle。。。。。。



  Tianjin, which is at the mouths of several rivers, has been inhabited by people from a lot of places for hundreds of years。 Thus its unique folk culture and art has been cultivated。 After having a pleasant meal, Tianjin people like to enjoy the culture with a cup of tea in a tea house or listen to the art of the crosstalk, a rich source of comedy。



  There is one place in Tianjin that is on the move even at 9 o‘clock in the evening: the Italian style area, where every street is exotic!



  The Haihe River is the mother river of Tianjin。 In this modern city, the buildings and the lights along the river are unique。 People lean back in a boat, feeling the sea wind and enjoying the beautiful scenery。 It is definitely a unique way to relax…



  The famous Tianjin snack, the Chinese crepe, has recently spread to other parts of the world。 It is no longer the exclusive breakfast of Tianjin people。 Late at night, when the crosstalk, the parties, or the work is over, people queue up to buy the crepes from the still-open stalls, anticipating the enjoyable first bite。



  Midnight snacks in summer are indispensable for Tianjin people。 Therefore, the couriers stay busy working。 After receiving an order they fetch the meal from the store immediately and deliver the delicious food to the customer。 The electric bikes with insulated food boxes patrol all streets of the city。



  At night there are a group of people who keep working to guard against danger -- the police。 They patrol in key areas such as communities, premises, and hotels, keeping in touch with residents whenever needed。 Trusting in them, the city sleeps peacefully and quietly。



  The maintenance station of the Tianjin High-speed Railway is working at full speed。 Its busiest time is when a new day has just arrived。 The high-speed trains which have been busy working all day have to be maintained to ensure they‘re operational the next day。



  There is a place where the lights are always bright in this sleeping city -- the 24-hour convenience store。 There are not many customers at this time, but the conscientious shop assistants still like to sort out the goods for the coming day。



  When people are still asleep, there‘s one special group of people that has already begun work -- the sanitation workers。 They clean every road in every community before the city wakes up!



  Dawn is coming。 The fruit wholesale market is already bustling and fruit vendors from all districts of Tianjin have gathered here。 This is the busiest time for them。 Fresh fruit goes to supermarkets from here and then to its final destination -- the baskets of Tianjiners。

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